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As programmer...
  • 9 year old - first working with QBasic applications for Amstrad Schneider 64kB
  • 14 years old - first working with and using Microsoft Visual Basic applications
  • 15 year old - first working with firmware for AVR microcontroller devices
..... Visual Studio 2008/2010, NetBeans IDE, mySQL, MSSQL, C#, VB, .NET, XML, Threading, Linq, WPF, Bascom AVR .....
  • iSync Home (2011)
    C#, .NET 4.0, WPF, WCF, Linq, Reports, Threading, USB, SQLCE, XML, Systems registers, Installer
    Communication with device over USB
    Communication with backup server over TCP/IP
    Multi-devices support
    Multi-accounts support
    and more...

  • Apendix Assitant (2010)
    C#, .NET 3.5, Threading, WCF, mySQL, Installer
    Communication with ERP systems
    Multi-accounts support
    Events notyfier
    Quick access to systems options
    and more...

  • Company Management Center (2005)
    Visual Basic, XML
    Invoice registering
    Payments register
    Contractors file
    Cash flow
    Multiusers, backups...

  • Sumo Robots Strategy Designer (2003-2005)
    Builder C++, RS-232, XML, Thrading
    Communications with devices over RS-232
    Support diffrent models of robots
    On-line sensors status
    Wizards for strategy definitions
    and more...

  • e-learning System (2001)
    Visual Basic 6.0, Thrading, FTP, HTTP, DB
    Application for teachers
    Application for students
    On-line tests
    Materials library
    and more...

  • Small Apps - VB, C++
  • iClick (USB HID, PWM, I2C, EEPROM, Bootloader, Interrupts, Sleep modes) - Bascom AVR, Assembler
  • USB Devices Emulator (USB, RS-232, HID) - C, Assembler
  • Lab Sypply (PWM, A/D, D/A) - C, Assembler
  • Sumo-robots (I2C, PWM, Sonars, EEPROM, RS-232, PS/2, FAT) - C, Assembler
  • Electronic lock (EEPROM, 8bit LCD) - Bascom AVR, Assembler
  • Electronic file viewer (SPI, EEPROM, RS-232, FAT) - nokia LCD - C, Assembler

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