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As electronics...
  • 7 year old - first working with analog devices
  • 10 year old - first working with digital devices
  • 15 years old - first working with microcontrollers
  • 18 years old - first time working with RTOS class microcontrollers operating systems
..... Eagle PCB, Eagle PCB Power Tools, Bascom AVR, Image Craft ICC AVR, AVR Studio, Google SketchUp .....
Schematics and electronic solutions
  • Microcontrollers
  • I2C
  • 1wire
  • SPI
  • RS-232
  • USB
  • Clock's
  • Supply
  • H bridges
  • and more...

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  • iClick Baby Assistant
    Microcontroller, switches, leds, eeprom, usb, capacitors...
    Double layers
    Irregular shape

  • Electronic door lock
    Microcontroller, lcd display, keyboard, relay...
    Double layers
    Irregular shape

  • Electronic file viewer
    Microcontroller, Nokia 3310 LCD SPI, eeproms
    Double layers

  • USB Devices Emulator - keyboard, mouse
    Microcontroller,USB port, RS-232 Port
    Double layers

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  • iClick (USB, PWM, TWI, EEPROM, Interrupts, Sleep modes)
    Clocks, stopwatches, countdowns, calendars, memory and logic
    Events register and alarms
    Communication with PC over USB
    Automatic firmware upgrade using PC sync software

  • Mini server - Linux, ERP, Microcontroller control systems
    WWW server
    File server
    SQL Server
    ERP WEB System
    Updates system

  • Lab Supply 25V 4A (PWM, PIC, A/D, D/A)
    Voltage control
    Current control
    On/off button

  • Sumo-robots (TWI, PWM, Sonars, EEPROM, RS-232, PS/2)
    Autonomic moving and fighting decisions logic
    Ultrasonic objects sensor
    IR objects sensor
    Color sensors
    Built in computer mouse to X-Y coordinate, PS/2
    FAT memory organization
    Communication with PC over RS-232

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