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Curriculum vitae
Krzysztof Stasiak
Age: 36
Languages: Polish / English
Visionary and goal-oriented IT senior executive with 13 years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing the cutting edge information solutions addressing business opportunities. Developed strategic plans for implementation and operation of clients’ services, product support, quality assurance, and training. Initiated and enforced strict budget controlling tools addressing companies’ needs and supporting development. Adept at crisis management, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and negotiating. Advanced positive company image through public presentations. Experienced in joint application development, benchmarking, capacity planning, projects and resource management, cross-functional team training.
Career history
DevOps Engineer / Team leader, Cargomedia AG, Basel / Switzerland, 2013.04 - now
Expertise in large scale development and high performance, clean OO PHP, Go, JS, Puppet, Ruby programming. Agile, Scrum. Full TDD.

In more detail:
  • MVC-Framework Development: PHP, PEAR, PHPUnit, Zend, Smarty, JS, jQuery, Backbone, Underscore...
  • RealTime Messaging Platform: Node.js, SockJS, Redis etc.
  • Apps Development: PHP, JS, RESTful, APIs, MySQL, Redis, Socket-Redis, ElasticSearch, Gearman, Memcache, XHTML, CSS3, xJSON, XML etc.
  • Apps Development & Deployment: LAMP, Git, Vagrant, Composer, Capistrano, Pulsar, NPM, Gem, Gi, Hubot...
  • Infrastructure Deployment: Puppet, PuppetDB, Hiera, Facter, Librarian, Serverspec, Ruby, Foreman...
  • Monitoring and debugging: Copperegg, Newrelic, Monit, Cacti...
  • R&D free-time: Meteor, Coffeescript, MongoDB, Heroku, Android-Java, GCM, Titanium, Asterisk, Neo4j...

Software Engineer, Newicon Ltd, Bristol & Bath Science Park / UK, 2012.06 - 2013.04
  • Designing and implementing iOS app (Objective-C, Cocoa Framework)
  • Designing and implementing web-based systems (PHP, JS, Yii, Backbone.js etc.)
  • Designing and implementing Client-Server real-time messaging system: multiclient/multichannel architecture. Support for user activity history, users on-line, autologin, storing undelivered messages etc. (JavaScript/PHP, Node.js,, MongoDB; CURL, WEBSockets, API etc.)

Freelance Software Developer, DualSoft Polska Ltd, Poland, 2012.03 - 2012.06
  • Co-designing infrastructure for new product: USB Device / Desktop App / eCommerce / Social Website; prepare to handle high volume traffic using balancing, caching, replications; reliability, scalability, monitoring using applications framework for distributed computing
  • Co-designing Service & REST Oriented Architecture; implementing cores of WebServices / APIs
  • Designing high speed Client-Server communication based on AJAX/JQuery/JS/HTTP and Node.js server; implementing core.
  • Designing high speed DB infrastructure based on noSQL; implementing core solution.
  • Testing scalability and performance of frameworks: Hadoop / Hive / Pig and xSQL using TSUNG framework for users simulating

Senior Software Engineer, Co-founder, DualSoft Polska Ltd, Poland, 2007-2012 (full time)
  • Head of innovative products team
  • System architect and software developer
  • Technology and solution research
  • PHP Programmer – WEB ERP Class Systems
  • C# Programmer – Windows Network Applications
  • Electronic Devices Designer / Firmware AVR C, AVR Bascom
  • Data base optimizations designer
  • Designer of Interface useability
  • Trends & Markets Research
  • Profits and Loss
  • Budgeting, Planning and Control
  • Trainer / Mentor

CIO / IT Director, "KWG" PLC (PBG PLC Capital group), Poland, 2008-2012 (part time)
  • Auditing and reporting to the Board
  • Planning and controlling annual budgets
  • Technology and solution research
  • Managing systems of data security
  • Providers & Subcontractors Management
  • Supervising workflow of IT documents

Software Engineer, KAN-GAZ Ltd, Poland, 2005-2007 (full time)
  • VB Applications – concept, design, implementation, training, installation, service follow up
  • PHP Web Applications and Systems – concept, design, implementation, training, development
  • Windows Server Administration – www, ftp, sql, smtp, etc.
  • Providers & Subcontractors Management

  • Embedded Microprocessor Systems, Poznan Univeristy of Technology, Poland, 2005-2007
  • Automation and Management, Poznan Univeristy of Technology, Poland, 2002-2005
  • Telecommunication and Information Technology, Telecommunications High School in Poznan, Poland, 1997-2002
Additional informations
  • Drive license, clean
  • Polish language

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